Day Two

Day 2 - Automation, Equipment, Competency And Change Management For Optimal Safety & Train Throughput And Minimal Manual Inspections

9.00 Chair's Opening Remarks

Chaired by Clive Cashin, Principal Rolling Stock Engineer, London Underground (United Kingdom)


9.10 Discuss The Advent Of Automation And New Technologies To Forecast Their Impact On Depot Operations

This keynote panel will discuss the potential for automation and industry 4.0 concepts to change the face of maintenance operations, allowing participants to ask, 'what does the future of depot operations look like?'

  • Consider the implementation of automated inspection across a depot to speed up maintenance
  • Implement redundant levels of robots to avoid system failure
  • Hear about the use of virtual reality glasses to allow faster maintenance
  • Utilise drones to allow ease of train inspection and minimise risk from working at height

Moderated by Clive Cashin, Principal Rolling Stock Engineer, London Underground (United Kingdom)

Panelist: Jan Luijben, Information Manager, GVB Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Panelist: Staffan Ingvander, Project Manager, MTR Tech Stockholm Metro (Sweden)


This section will show how European operators are capitalizing on automation's potential to optimise costs and reduce basic manual maintenance tasks, allowing engineers to focus on more complex procedures


9.50 Take the Steps Necessary To Make Your Depot CBM And Automation-Ready

Implementing automated systems seems like the next logical step for most operators. However, for the technology to be effective the transition to automation must be carefully mapped out. Hear from this operator on how to:

  • Set automation to one central point to preset maintenance tracks and minimise human errors
  • Design automated points throughout your facility to minimise the maintenance burden
  • Consider up-skilling programs to ensure that maintenance staff have the competency to use new technologies

Jan Luijben, Information Manager, GVB Amsterdam (Netherlands)

10.20 Question & Answer Session


10.30 Discuss Training Programmes To Ensure Your Workforce Has The Competence To Work With New Technologies And Rolling Stock

  • Ensure that technology training programmes are in place to enable seamless introduction of new assets within an operational environment
  • Implement an effective change management strategy to ensure staff engagement with new technology
  • Compare online versus onsite training methods to ensure effective retention of information
  • Discuss new technologies and their effect on base-level competency results

Clive Cashin, Principal Rolling Stock Engineer, London Underground (United Kingdom)

11.00 Question & Answer Session

11.10 Morning Refreshments In Exhibition Showcase Area


This section will outline how an operator has minimised the disruption to their organization caused by privatisation


11.40 Take Steps To Keep Employees Motivated In The Face Of Organisational Change

  • Identify the challenges facing an organisation that seeks to implement next generation rolling stock technologies
  • Plan for organisational change and the issue of organisational culture
  • Discuss the importance of effective leadership to maintain continued employee engagement in the face of uncertainty
  • Hear about common challenges and perceptions to be understood and addressed in implementing organisational change

Clive Cashin, Principal Rolling Stock Engineer, London Underground (United Kingdom)

12.10 Question & Answer Session


12.20 Implement Relationship And Change Management In A High Capacity Railway Environment

How London Overground, operating as a high capacity railway, manages and delivers the day to day relationships with their stakeholders, as well as providing  a world class service to its passengers

  • Explore the relationships between contracts, expectations and deliverables within the London Overground model and its stakeholders
  • Understand the complexities and collaborative working methodology utilised between stakeholders to extend a depot and units
  • Undertake this whilst maintaining fleet availability and reliability, so the passenger sees no difference in the day to day deliverables of the service
  • Understand how our collaborative relationships are shaping the future of delivering a world class railway due to the ever changing global economic climate

Paul Edwards, Fleet Manager, London Overground (United Kingdom)

12.50 Question & Answer Session

1.00 Lunch In The Exhibition Showcase Area



2.00 Smooth Transition From Light And Heavy Maintenance To Modular Maintenance - Smooth Transitions Of Depots And Workshops

  • Identify which heavy-maintenance tools must be installed in the depot to carry out effective maintenance
  • Configure your workshop for an increase in depth of heavy maintenance component storage
  • Ensure that staff are effectively up-skilled to carry out heavy maintenance tasks

Werner Kurfess, Project Manager, SBB (Switzerland)

2.30 Question & Answer Session


2.40 Planning The Key To Improved Performance And Availability

  • Improve planning processes to increase the number of vehicles fit for service
  • Integrate long term and short term planning to minimise variations in depot workload
  • Hear daily feed back to find and correct deviations in an early stage
  • Discuss new fleets to provide new possibilities for monitoring and planning

Staffan Ingvander, Project Manager, MTR Tech Stockholm Metro (Sweden)

3.10 Question & Answer Session

3.20 Afternoon Refreshments In Exhibition Showcase Area


This section will discuss minimising the impact on availability caused by poor logistics


3.50 Improve Internal Logistics And Inventory Levels With Minimum Impact On Availability

  • Challenge to decrease inventory levels with current resources in depots
  • Use Kanban scheduling system to transform push to pull
  • Employ VSM to improve logistic functions
  • Harmonise methods to evaluate material needs
  • Identify future challenge to take advantage of the possibilities of digitalisation

Antti Vigelius, Material & Logistics Manager, VR Group-Finnish Railways (Finland)

4.20 Question & Answer Session


4.30 Work With Your Fellow Delegates To Establish Key Takeaways To Bring Back To Your Depot

Having heard case studies from across Europe, delegates will now have the opportunity to brainstorm their best solutions for the conference's four main sections; depot infrastructure upgrades, depot equipment, automation and planning & scheduling.

  • What were the most effective depot conversion practices on display that could be applied to your company? Why?
  • How could you cost-effectively implement planning and scheduling to maximise train throughput in your company?
  • What level of automation would be possible to introduce in your company?
  • Which aspects of change management would make the biggest difference to your organisation?

Led by Clive Cashin, Principal Rolling Stock Engineer, London Underground (United Kingdom)

5.00 Chair's Closing Remarks And End Of Conference

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